Design and Orchestration

In today’s rapidly changing global business economy, entire industries are already in the process of being “Disrupted”¬†and rendered potentially obsolete without even realizing just how fast this phenomenon may be taking place. And it’s a proven fact that ignorance is a sure-fire recipe for inevitable failure.

So the real issue becomes… just how effective and current is your own “Disruptive Innovation” Program for developing your competitive advantage? What will make you, your company, your products or your services more distinctive and irreplaceable in your targeted marketplace?

Key Success Factors

Phase I. Your Rapid Innovation Execution Infrastructure:
1. Current Critical Roadblocks (issues) to Disruptive Innovation
2. “Disruptive Innovation Execution Coordination” Team – Roles / Responsibilities
3. Weekly “DIEC” Team Format, Schedule, Progress Briefing Process
4. Proposed Innovation Action Plan Development, Progress Evaluation

Phase II. your Annual “Disruptive Innovation Execution” Plan:
1. Disruptive Innovation Goals, Objectives, Priorities
2. Monthly Strategic Accomplishments Accountability
3. Monthly Leadership Briefing Report Update / Presentation
4. Quarterly Disruptive Innovation Performance-On-Goal Evaluation

Phase III. Repositioning and Branding:
1. Branding and Touch-Point Analysis
2. Strategic Due Diligence Analysis Reports
3. Target Market Research and Analysis
4. Competitive Comparative Analysis Performance Tracking

Phase IV. Internal Scalability and Company Culture Expansion:
1. Execution Expansion Analysis
2. Individual Disruptive Innovation Execution Analysis
3. Individual Performance Observation Analysis
4. Individual Innovation Development Assessments

Disruptive Innovation… “A product or service designed for a new set of customers. Offering a novel combination of existing off-the-shelf components applied cleverly to a small fledgling value network.”
– Clayton Christensen – 1995

Orchestrate… To arrange or combine so as to achieve a desired or maximum effect.
KAIZEN – The Relentless Pursuit of Continuous Innovation and Improvement