Johnny Browaeys 

An executive with complete responsibility in P&L, finance, HR, and operations management, augmented by a distinguished record in business development, achieved rapid results in continually changing, challenging environments.



Robin Hayden

An executive who takes pride in the unique caliber of valuable 24/7 support and guidance in the areas of Strategy, Planning and Rapid Strategic Execution that conspicuously contributes to their company’s bottom-line performance.



Ms. Angel Gu

Ms. Angel Gu has 15+ years of International Logistics and Foreign Trade business, and has 7 years with Dr. Pete Johnson’s consulting experience. Ms. Angel Gu adds critical value to the Strategic Performance Institute’s Chinese Strategic Consulting and Training Organization. She has a very strong background in operations and customer service strategies, development and execution.



Chainy - PAF - ShanghaiChainy Fan

Ms. Chainy Fan has been a part of the Strategic Performance Institute since June 2015. Her past experience as a software engineer, and business intelligence consultant have added great value to Dr. Pete Johnson’s China OPS Team.