” Having utilized Dr. Johnson’s strategic consulting services extensively on almost a monthly basis from 1994 through 2005, I can personally attest to his unparalleled attention to detail and consistent execution performance on mission-critical objectives.”
– David Manning, Former Director for Field OPS, STRICOM (US Army)

” Just wanted to add to our conversation earlier and the ‘improvements’ we have made… This evening we received official word that we secured MBDO No.01. To say the very least, we are excited and once again have your methodology to thank as it is just one of many major contracts to come through your guidance.”
– Robert Davis, COO – Aspetto, Inc.

” We’ve been excited to work with you as you have transformed us from Average to WOW in just 10 weeks of work. We just closed one of the biggest contracts in our history through your strategy planning and rapid execution process. Your guidance has been the answer to Prayer, thanks.”
– Frank Garcia, President – InsuranceKO

“Pete – Just finished up with the bank lunch. He was really impressed with our Strategic Plan to says the least. His quote was ‘In my 25 years in banking, I’ve never seen anything like this.’ Later in the conversation we asked him what it was going to take to increase our line of credit. His response, ‘Well you’ve already got it right here in this strategic plan, all I need to do is send me your financials when the year is completed and show all this to my underwriter….Thought you’d like to hear that bit of news!!!Thanks.”
– Mike Cachat – President. C.E.O. – Jenson USA